About us

About us

State budget institution of health care of the city of Moscow "Children's city policlinic № 145 of the Moscow City Health Department"

  • Pediatric offices
  • Consulting and diagnostic office
  • Day hospital on 10 beds (a pediatric profile)
  • Office of medical rehabilitation
  • Emergency station
  • Neurologist's office
  • Nephrologist's office
  • Surgical office
  • Gynecologic office
  • Otolaryngologic office
  • Ophthalmologist's office
  • Cardiologist's office
  • Office of the Endocrinologist
  • Gastroenterologist's office
  • Allergist-immunologist's office

Clinic’s history

Children's city polyclinic № 145 located in Brateevo district (m. Borisovo - walking distance), opened in 2002, and built on an individual project.

Currently it is an outpatient center with two branches (CCP № 127 and CCP № 121). The main activity is provision of primary health care to the territorial children's population.

The work of doctors of our clinic is aimed to prevent, detect early and treat diseases, to motivate children and their parents for healthy lifestyle.